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<< About Resource Monitoring | Selecting Monitors >>

measurements on an NT or UNIX machine

Monitoring Resource Monitoring
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Chapter 19, page 300
You can monitor the resource measurements on an NT or UNIX machine. The NT
measurements correspond to the built-in counters available from the NT
Performance Monitor.
The UNIX measurements include those available by the
protocol: Average
load, Collision rate, Context switch rate, CPU utilization, Incoming packets error
rate, Incoming packets rate, Interrupt rate, Outgoing packets error rate, Outgoing
packets rate, Page-in rate, Page-out rate, Paging rate, Swap-in rate, Swap-out rate,
System mode CPU utilization, and User mode CPU utilization.
A description of each measurement appears in the Resource Monitors Description
box when you highlight the measurement.
Note: You must start an
process on all UNIX machines being monitored.
For information on how to begin an
process, see the Readme file or the
UNIX man pages.