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<< Understanding LoadRunner Analysis | Result Directory File Structure >>

About LoadRunner Analysis

Analyzing Test Results Understanding LoadRunner Analysis
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Chapter 13, page 205
About LoadRunner Analysis
During scenario execution, Vusers generate result data as they perform their
transactions. After running a scenario, you can view the results to determine how
your system performed. You can view scenario results in several ways:
The Analysis graphs and reports provide information about transactions and
Vusers that can be used to determine system performance.
The Export data utility enables you to export scenario results to external
applications such as spreadsheets. You can export scenario data as text files or in
one of the common spreadsheet formats.
The Controller Output window displays information about the scenario run. If
your scenario run fails, look for debug information in this window. For more
information, see Chapter 10,
Running a Scenario
The Vuser output file,
, contain a full trace of the scenario run for DB
Vusers. This file is located in the scenario results directory. (When you run a DB
Vuser script in standalone mode, this file is placed in the Vuser script directory.)
For more information on Vuser output files, refer to the Creating Vuser Scripts
This chapter discusses the LoadRunner result files, graphs, reports, and the data
exporting utility.