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<< About LoadRunner Analysis | Analysis Graphs and Reports >>

Result Directory File Structure

Analyzing Test Results Understanding LoadRunner Analysis
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Chapter 13, page 206
Result Directory File Structure
When you set the results directory, you also specify a results name. LoadRunner
creates a subdirectory using the results name, and places all of the data it gathers
in that directory. Every set of results contains general information about the
scenario in a result file (.
) and an event (.
) file.
During scenario execution, LoadRunner also gathers data from each Vuser and
stores it in a header file
and an event file
. LoadRunner
creates a directory for each Group in the scenario and a subdirectory for each
Vuser. A typical result directory has the following structure:
For information on setting the Results directory, see Chapter 10,
Running a