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"low cunning." "Street wise" is another good descriptor

To be a good software tester

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11. "low cunning." "Street wise" is another good descriptor

"low cunning." "Street wise" is another good descriptor, as are insidious, devious, diabolical, fiendish, contriving, treacherous, wily, canny, and underhanded. Systematic test techniques such as syntax testing and automatic test generators have reduced the need for such cunning, but the need is still with us and undoubtedly always will be because it will never be possible to systematize all aspects of testing. There will always be room for that offbeat kind of thinking that will lead to a test case that exposes a really bad bug. But this can be taken to extremes and is certainly not a substitute for the use of systematic test techniques. The cunning comes into play after all the automatically generated "sadistic" tests have been executed.

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