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Software Quality Assurance Interview Questions only (2)

Software Quality Assurance Interview Questions and Answers

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Software Quality Assurance Interview Questions only (2)

  • What are all the basic elements in a defect report?
  • Is an "A fast database retrieval rate" a testable requirement?
  • What is software quality assurance?
  • What is the value of a testing group? How do you justify your work and budget?
  • What is the role of the test group vis--vis documentation, tech support, and so forth?
  • How much interaction with users should testers have, and why?
  • How should you learn about problems discovered in the field, and what should you learn from those problems?
  • What are the roles of glass-box and black-box testing tools?
  • What issues come up in test automation, and how do you manage them?
  • What development model should programmers and the test group use?
  • How do you get programmers to build testability support into their code?
  • What is the role of a bug tracking system?
  • What are the key challenges of testing?
  • Have you ever completely tested any part of a product? How?
  • Have you done exploratory or specification-driven testing?
  • Should every business test its software the same way?
  • Discuss the economics of automation and the role of metrics in testing.
  • Describe components of a typical test plan, such as tools for interactive products and for database products, as well as cause-and-effect graphs and data-flow diagrams.
  • When have you had to focus on data integrity?
  • What are some of the typical bugs you encountered in your last assignment?
  • How do you prioritize testing tasks within a project?
  • How do you develop a test plan and schedule? Describe bottom-up and top-down approaches.
  • When should you begin test planning?
  • When should you begin testing?
  • Do you know of metrics that help you estimate the size of the testing effort?
  • How do you scope out the size of the testing effort?
  • How many hours a week should a tester work?
  • How should your staff be managed? How about your overtime?
  • How do you estimate staff requirements?
  • What do you do (with the project tasks) when the schedule fails?
  • How do you handle conflict with programmers?
  • How do you know when the product is tested well enough?
  • What characteristics would you seek in a candidate for test-group manager?
  • What do you think the role of test-group manager should be? Relative to senior management? Relative to other technical groups in the company? Relative to your staff?
  • How do your characteristics compare to the profile of the ideal manager that you just described?
  • How does your preferred work style work with the ideal test-manager role that you just described? What is different between the way you work and the role you described?
  • Who should you hire in a testing group and why?
  • What is the role of metrics in comparing staff performance in human resources management?
  • How do you estimate staff requirements?
  • What do you do (with the project staff) when the schedule fails?
  • Describe some staff conflicts you’ve handled.
  • Why did you ever become involved in QA/testing?
  • What is the difference between testing and Quality Assurance?
  • What was a problem you had in your previous assignment (testing if possible)? How did you resolve it?
  • What are two of your strengths that you will bring to our QA/testing team?

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