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What is Six sigma? Explain.

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What is Six sigma? Explain.

Six Sigma:
A quality discipline that focuses on product and service excellence to create a culture that demands perfection on target, every time.

Six Sigma quality levels
Produces 99.9997% accuracy, with only 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

Six Sigma is designed to dramatically upgrade a company's performance, improving quality and productivity. Using existing products, processes, and service standards,
They go for Six Sigma MAIC methodology to upgrade performance.

MAIC is defined as follows:
Measure: Gather the right data to accurately assess a problem.
Analyze: Use statistical tools to correctly identify the root causes of a problem
Improve: Correct the problem (not the symptom).
Control: Put a plan in place to make sure problems stay fixed and sustain the gains.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

The key roles in all Six Sigma efforts are as follows:
Sponsor: Business executive leading the organization.
Champion: Responsible for Six Sigma strategy, deployment, and vision.
Process Owner: Owner of the process, product, or service being improved responsible for long-term sustainable gains.
Master Black Belts: Coach black belts expert in all statistical tools.
Black Belts: Work on 3 to 5 $250,000-per-year projects; create $1 million per year in value.
Green Belts: Work with black belt on projects.

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