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What is data driven test?

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4. What is data driven test?

Data driven test is used to test the multinumbers of data in a data-table, using this we can easy to replace the paramerers in the same time from deferent locations.
e.g: using .xsl sheets.

Re-execution of our test with different input values is called Re-testing. In validate our Project calculations, test engineer follows retesting manner through automation tool.Re-teting is also called DataDriven Test.There are 4 types of datadriven tests.
1) Dynamic Input submissiion ( key driven test) : Sometines a test engineer conducts retesting with different input values to validate the calculation through dynamic submission.For this input submission, test engineer use this function in TSL scriipt-- create_input_dialog ("label");
2) Data Driven Files Through FLAT FILES ( .txt,.doc) : Sometimes testengineer conducts re-testing depends on flat file contents. He collect these files from Old Version databases or from customer side.
3)Data Driven Tests From FRONTEND GREAVES : Some times a test engineer create automation scripts depends on frontend objects values such as (a) list (b) menu (c) table (d) data window (5) ocx etc.,
4)Data Driven Tests From EXCEL SHEET : sometimes a testengineer follows this type of data driven test to execute their script for multiple inputs. These multiple inputs consists in excel sheet columns. We have to collect this testdata from backend tables .

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