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Scripts and libraries - Introduction

Coding standards for Rational Robot

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Scripts and libraries - Introduction

A script within Rational Robot is a file that contains a sequence of SQABasic code. The extension of the file is always “.REC”. Typically the script contains an automated testcase and contains the business-logic and also the testdata. Although it is generally recommended to shift testcase-logic and especially testdata to external sources such as CSV or Excel it is NOT designed to do so today because this technique requires an underlying sophisticated automated test framework that we do not have implemented at this level of automation yet.

Common used functions are placed in libraries. These are located in the SQABas32 subdirectory of the Robot working directory. A library is divided into three files, a header (.SBH), an implementation file (.SBL) and the compiled version (.SBX). Libraries are not necessarily bound to an AUT or feature.

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