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CSTE questions 2

Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) Exam

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CSTE questions 2

1. Differentiate between Verification & validation. 15 marks
2. Define Test Efficiency & test Effectiveness. 15 marks
3. Your client would like to do Acceptance test on one of your projects but does not know to prepare a test plan for that. Describe the components that should be included in the test plan. 30 marks
4. You are the tester in the organization and organization thinks that the tester also introduce defects in the system, write the 5 such defects introduced by tester in the system. 15 marks
5. What is Over Testing? 15 marks
6. You have to do the Unit Testing of the system, define what is Unit testing and how it can be done, what are the types of it also how can you ensure that your application is compliance to the standards. 30 marks
7. Define Equivalence portioning, Boundary value Analysis and Error Guessing with examples. 15 marks
8. Your company is doing a project in automation of aircrafts and timing. You are asked to involve in the testing. What should be the testing strategy for that. One Airline Web Application has to be tested, write test factor or What is to be tested? (Landing & take off) 15 marks
9. Define
a) Boundary Analysis
b) Equivalent Partitioning
c) Error Guessing
Give one example for each.

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