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Subjective Questions 2

Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) Exam

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Subjective Questions 2

1. There are many factors like maintainability and reliability among softwares. Give 5 most important software quality factors that u would mention for testing a web based testing?
2. Create a Test plan for a simple project not a complex project?
3. Write a standard template for testplan, testscript, Status report of a project?
4. Design a screen which will show the fields necessary for a defect description? Diagram a defect reporting tool screen and label what all things you would need to mention to log a defect?
5. Question related to usecase like guidelines for writing usecase for customer?
6. Draw a control chart and explain how it can be used to see that the testing process is in control?
7. Difference between system test and acceptance test?
8. Aspects of computer software that should be observed during the demonstration of COTS software?
9. Define unit, integration, system, regression, acceptance testing and explain what would you recommend for the new independent test team formed. Previously in the organization, testing was being performed by software development team?
10. Explain any 4 factors for preventive controls?
11. Question on Security Testing technique. What tests you would include in the testplan for testing security with minimal knowledge about security testing?
12. Risks involved in testing wireless technology and how will u develop controls on it to gain confidence about the wireless technology used.
13. Give Measurements for a] Test Effectiveness and b] Test Efficiency
14. Your Company is about to roll out an E-Commerce application. It is not possible to test the application on all types of browsers on all platforms and operating systems. What steps would you take in the testing environment to reduce the business risks and commercial risks?
15. Developing compatibility and motivation with a test team helps assure effective testing. List at least four guidelines you would follow to develop compatibility and motivation within your test team?
16. In a development project Test planning, resource allocation , test scripting is also completed. Testing is being executed. At this stage if there is a major change in requirement, what will be the tester’s role here (actions in response to the changes) .- The question is already asked in one of the previous year papers .
17. There is a delay of 5 days in the development project. How will the tester handle the testing activities, without changing on resources, working time, …. - The question is already asked in one of the previous year papers.
18. Explanation on total number of defects found Vs defects corrected using Graph.
19. Explain and diagram report which will be used for reporting uncorrected and corrected defects to the development team?
20. one question on control chart
21. One question was on "Experienced people can be used as a tool for estimating the cost- Budgeting"
22. The communication type which is rarely emphasized
23. There were 2 questions on maturity level e.g which level enforces control for technology.
24. There were 3 question on standard, policy and procedure.
25. There was a question on "when the contracted software will be completed"

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