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I want to use “Monitor Results” of JMeter

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I want to use “Monitor Results” of JMeter

Currently I am using WAS 5.0 Application Server . For “Monitor Results” , JMeter shows the example for TOMCAT 5.0 WebServer.

“”””( Followings from JMeter doc )

Add the HTTP Request to the Thread Group element (Add --> Sampler --> HTTP Request). Then, select the HTTP Request element in the tree and edit the following properties):

Change the Name field to "Server Status". Enter the IP address or Hostname Enter the port number Set the Path field to "/manager/status" if you're using Tomcat. Add a request parameter named "XML" in uppercase. Give it a value of "true" in lowercase. Check "Use as Monitor" at the bottom of the sampler “”””” Please let me know how I can set “Monitor Results” of JMeter in WAS5.0.

To use the JMeter Monitor for IBM WAS5.0, you will need to port the status servlet from Tomcat5 to WAS. Your other option is to write your own status servlet and output the data in the correct format. Tomcat5 includes the schema for the status data. If you have any further question, feel free to email the jmeter-user mailing list.

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