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Performance Test - Numeric Calculation - AMS1K

AMS1K (Addition, Multiplication and Subtraction of 1K-iterations) test performs 1K (1000) iterations of additions, multiplication and subtraction on two arrays of 1000 elements.

Note that this test requires that your browser to support JavaScript popup windows. The test result popup window will look like this picture:
AMS1K Test Result

Also note that this test may take a few seconds or longer to complete. Mozilla FireFox browser may give you a warning message box, saying that: "Warning: Unresponsive Script - A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete." You should follow our Mozilla FireFox Configuration tutorial to get rid of this warning message.

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Test Restult Reports Summary

The table below summarizes some representative test result reports for you as references. If you want to share your test result, please send it to us.

Elapsed timeCPU speedRAM sizeSystem name and versionBrowser name and version
4.287 seconds1.60GHz512MBWindows XP Pro SP2IE 6.0
4.457 seconds1.60GHz512MBWindows XP Pro SP1IE 6.0
5.078 seconds1.40GHz256MBWindows XP Home SP2IE 6.0
10.435 seconds1.60GHz512MBWindows XP Pro SP1FireFox 2.0
12.740 seconds1.60GHz512MBWindows XP Pro SP2FireFox 2.0
14.515 seconds1.40GHz256MBWindows XP Home SP2FireFox 1.5
error on page1.60GHz512MBWindows XP Pro SP2IE 6.0 + Yahoo Toolbar

Performance Numeric Calculation Test - AMS1K