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Glossary of Window Terms

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Command button
A command button, when clicked, will cause an action to occur.

An established communication session between a server and a workstation.

Control Panel
A system utility that comes with Windows that allows the use to change a variety if different Windows and system settings.

The representation of the mouse on-screen. Depending on your settings, the cursor can be many different things.

This is what you see on your computer screen when you have no windows open. It may be a solid color, or it may be graphics. On the desktop, there will be icons, including one called "My Computer" and one called "The Recycle Bin."

Dialog box
This is a small window that is demanding your attention. You must respond before you can continue using the program that displayed the dialog box. A dialog box does not have a minimize or maximize button and does not show up on the taskbar. It is only a portion of its "parent" program. Most dialog boxes have a cancel button.

Dial-up Networking
Using a modem to dial into a remote site network.

Move your mouse pointer over the object, then press the left mouse button twice in a row quickly. Be VERY careful to not move the mouse as you double-click. If you move the mouse while trying to double-click, you may end up dragging the object instead of double-clicking it.

Retrieving a file from a BBS, an FTP site, or a remote computer.

Move the mouse pointer over the object you wish to drag, then hold down the left mouse button. While holding the mouse button, move the mouse pointer (and the object) to the location you want it, then let go of the mouse button. This will move or copy the object to the new location, depending on the context.

Drag and drop
When you click your mouse once and an object and hold it, while simultaneously moving that item to a different location.

Drop-down list
A dialog box such as a File menu that contains one command until it is clicked when a number of different commands "drop-down."

Any data storage device. This includes your CD-ROM drive, floppy disk drive, and hard disk drive.

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Glossary of Window Terms