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US-Columbia: Senior QA Engineer

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Date: 26-Feb-2010

Senior QA Engineer

# Posses a bachelor's degree or higher # Skills to elicit project-specific process needs and challenges, convey value and purpose behind process requirements # Skilled at developing a business partner relationship with project teams, able to help negotiate priorities and to resolve conflicts among project stakeholders (such as customers, product management, and engineering) # Able to Communicate information effectively to customers, marketing, managers, and technical staff # Knowledge of and experience with one or more software development lifecycles (waterfall, agile, iterative, spiral) In depth knowledge of multiple lifecycles based on first hand experience # Lead process improvement workshops and help resolve conflicting needs (small groups and several types of facilitation techniques) # 1 to 3 years experience with participation in the definition and/or data collection, analysis and reporting of process quality metrics # 1 to 3 years experience with auditing software development projects against company or industry standard standards within context of structured audit program # Possess experience providing guidance and mentoring to teams regarding the execution of defined software development processes. # 1 to 3 years experience with project management concepts, principles and their application # Utilized software process improvement methodologies (e.g. ISO, Six sigma, SEI CMM, CMMI, etc.) Knowledgeable and experienced in at least one methodology # Has experience authoring process documentation that support a industry framework (such as CMMI) or enterprise policies and guide project execution # Participated as technical member of software development team; possess first-hand knowledge of tasks within several phases of a lifecycle.

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US-Columbia: Senior QA Engineer