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US-WA-Seattle: Content Quality Assurance Engineer

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Date: 23-Mar-2010

Content Quality Assurance Engineer

The Content QAE will:

* Work with Software Development Engineers working on content ingestion tools to determine possible functionality and ingestion quality issues. * Partner with SDETs to develop strategies and tools to test these content ingestion tools; SDETs will do so programmatically, while the QAE will do so from the user level. * Test books produced from our tools with current and forthcoming Kindle devices and readers. The QAE’s goal is not to test each book in isolation but to generalize problems into common issues and risk areas. Where possible, the QAE will then provide requirements to the SDETs to automate as much testing as possible. If automation is not possible, the QAE will write test plans, suites, and SOPs to enable other QA and operations teams to test content intelligently. * Assess quality issues reported by publishers and readers to improve our ingestion tools and testing

Job Qualifications:

* Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science * Strong knowledge of web technologies such as HTML and XML * Experience with scripting languages such as Perl or Ruby * Knowledge of a programming language such as Java or C++ * 5+ years of QA experience, preferably with both Web sites and devices * Strong knowledge of QA methodologies and practices * Excellent written and oral communication skills require * Ability to work with technical and non-technical business owners * Experience in digital media and knowledge of the publishing industry is a plus

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US-WA-Seattle: Content Quality Assurance Engineer