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India-Karnataka: Software Test Engineer Manager

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Date: 06-Apr-2010

Software Test Engineer Manager

Primary Responsibilities: 1) Manage 7 to 15 test engineers of different levels ranging form Test engineer 1 to Staff engineer. a. Setting day-to-day priorities with the assistant of a team , b. Coaching and managing their careers , c. Conflict management, d. Performance appraisals, e. recruiting, etc.) , 2) Assist a Team lead in coaching their test engineers 3) This position is also responsible for overseeing management of Product Test programs which includes: a. Capacity planning, b. Project planning, c. Resource scheduling, d. Progress tracking, e. Verifying full certification of everything outlined in the Statement of Work, and delivering a quality product. f. Also included is the ability to plan, organize and implement lab, automation, and test process improvements. This position will be filled in Bangalore, India.

Education: BS or MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering or equivalent degree. A technical management background with a minimum of 5 years in a managerial position, managing small cross-matrixed teams. The candidate should also have the following criteria: 1) 8 years of work experience testing and/or developing software and hardware. 2) Excellent communication skills and the ability to plan and lead multiple projects while keeping on top of high priority customer issues. 3) Ability to effectively allocate budgets and people resources for multiple projects with aggressive deadlines.

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India-Karnataka: Software Test Engineer Manager