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US-NY: Software Quality Assurance Specialist

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Date: 19-Apr-2010

Software Quality Assurance Specialist

* Create meaningful error handling procedures for application code *Implement application designs; create queries, scripts, web pages and other deliverables * Ensure data integrity standards and perform database and application security audits * Provide technical documentation of application requirements and installation procedures * Modularize core changes in such a way that they can be applied upstream * Design, implement and document QA/testing procedures * Other duties as assigned by Software Development Manager

Minimum Qualifications:

* Two years experience developing web applications with MySQL, and JavaScript * Two years experience developing in Python and PHP * Two years experience designing and implementing quality assurance, security, and load testing procedures * Experience producing expansive technical documentation (DocBook experience a bonus) * Experience with and comfortable using Linux and Apache server technologies * Extremely high proficiency with web standards and best practices (XSL/XML, CSS, HTML) * Extremely high proficiency in database-driven dynamic programming including parameterized SQL * Extremely high proficiency in object-oriented programming concepts, procedures, and best practices * High proficiency in designing and implementing meaningful error handling procedures * Proficiency in SQL and database fundamentals (normalization, relationships, keys, joins, etc) * Must have strong oral and written communication skills * Must be energetic, detail-oriented, and well organized with a blend of technical and analytical skills, initiative and independence including the ability to make judgment calls and to respond tactfully in all situations

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US-NY: Software Quality Assurance Specialist