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US-OR-Portland: SDET - Automation Engineer

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Date: 04-May-2010

SDET - Automation Engineer

This Position is a key project team member that is expected to:

* Create test plans and other supporting documentation.

* Create and execute automated test scripts.

* Maintain automation, scripts, and all applicable documentation.

* Find, Research, Triage and Create clear and concise defects and reports.


* Strong test background with experience working in an Agile environment.

* Excellent test automation skill set including being able to identify where test automation is applicable, and analyzing the appropriate language/method/framework to use.

* Must be expert in at least one programming language in a scripting capacity. (C#, .NET, Java, Perl, or Python)

* Able to solve programming problems, analyze simple code snippets and debug through log files.

* Strong and well-developed understanding of computing and internet technologies (use of Apish, protocols, etc).


* 2+ years working and/or theoretical knowledge of C#, and .NET

* 2+ years working and/or theoretical knowledge of developing automated test suites using Script, PEAL, Postscript or other applicable scripting language.

* Experience with creating and maintaining Automation

* API test experience and /or Unit level testing are highly desired.

* Strong Analytical and Debugging skills are required.


* Bachelors Degree in a relevant field of study and 2+ Years Experience as an SDET or other comparable position in the IT industry; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

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US-OR-Portland: SDET - Automation Engineer