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US-CA-SanFrancisco: Software Quality Engineer

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Date: 19-Aug-2010

Software Quality Engineer

Write and debug tests in multiple test frameworks. Understand the complier and framework code base and develop a robust set of tests to ensure quality, performance and scalability. Setup and maintain complier code coverage testing to drive creation of additional test cases. Debug software defects and develop fixes for owned features areas. Write specifications for small features and implement them according to the specification, growing over time to include large scale features development.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or other equivalent

Must have minimum 5 years of experience in software development and/or quality engineering

Must have development level proficiency in Java or other object oriented programming language

Must have experience in debugging complex code and troubleshooting in multiple environments and languages

Must have experience in testing complex code with multiple layers of dependency, such as an application framework and/or complier coupled with multiple runtimes

Must have the ability to isolate software defects down to root causes by reading the source code and finding offending source

Must have the ability to understand required levels of testing and to build test frameworks from the ground up to satisfy testing requirements

Must have experience in using code coverage testing tools

Must have knowledge and experience in developing testing frameworks

Must have knowledge of performance testing and performance testing frameworks

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US-CA-SanFrancisco: Software Quality Engineer