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Romania: QA Engineer

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Date: 25-Oct-2010

QA Engineer for Localization Team

Responsibilities and Activities

* Be responsible for ensuring quality deliverables of localized products (language editions). * Develop and maintain test cases against localized products to ensure translated products meet quality and or functional requirements to those targeting countries. * Isolate issues specific to locales or common issues across languages and develop automated tests for this * Use our software testing tools to develop and maintain automated test cases. * Discover and isolate product flaws quickly and effectively. * Report bugs and verify fixes for products * Manage test suites, test machines/VMs for specific locales, builds validation * Make sure tests are passing on locales, debug failing/blocked tests * Evaluate and report on latest product quality to team lead and management.

Skills and Experience Required

* University degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, FEAA Business Information or related field * Attracted by programming and technology, strong analytic skills, desire in making development products better * Can read and understand programming languages such as Delphi and C++, or Java, Good OOP fundamentals understanding, * Ability to analyze and write code (C#, C++, Delphi and Java are all acceptable) desired, as work involves test developing, supervising and debugging * Application development experience in Delphi or C++ is a plus, as main work is done in Delphi/C++ * Good communication skills * Good teamwork skills * Good problem solving skills * Good knowledge of windows operating systems * Able to read German or French is a desired, to understand and work with locale environments (OS and products).

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Romania: QA Engineer