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India-Pune: QA Senior Software Engineer

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Date: 05-Nov-2010

QA Senior Software Engineer

Experience: 5-8 years of Software Quality Assurance Experience in the Telecom/networking domain

Key Skills: Familiarity with the architecture of mobile networks and functionality of different mobile network elements Protocols: Mobile/wireless 3G/UMTS protocols such as ATM, AAL2, AAL5, GTP, PDCP/RoHS, RLC/MAC, RNC, SCTP, Ethernet, IP, TCP/UDP etc. Test Tools: Ixia, SmartBits, Wireshark, hping etc. Languages/Platforms: C, Linux, Perl, TCL/Tk Job Description: Defines and implements test plans for network protocol stacks Defines and Creates Test Topologies/Test Beds Develops test application running on the control plane/data plane to test protocols stacks Develops and maintains test automation Executes Test Plans and reports defects Verifies defect fixes and reviews release documentation

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India-Pune: QA Senior Software Engineer