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PH-TA-Fort Bonifacio: Software Quality Engineer

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Date: 19-Nov-2US-010

Software Quality Engineer

* Maintains or generates data needed to execute test scenarios and scripts. * Creates technical test plans and tests designs for the product or feature under test. * Reviews system requirements, product requirements, and design documents to determine scope of test development. * Creates manual and automated test cases based on technical, system, and tests standard requirements. * Ensures adequate product technical testing prior to release. (35%) Test Execution and Reporting * Executes and analyzes manual or automated test scripts across for system level testing. * Enters product failure issues into the problem tracking system found during execution. * Executes test scripts; analyzes the output from the test scripts to ensure regressions/new feature of the products during a release cycle. * Provides metrics and reports on test results and status. (25%) Setup Test Environments


Other information: Minimum Qualifications All of the minimum requirements of a Associate Software Engineer, Quality plus: * 2+years experience in software development, testing and support * 4 years degree in Software Systems or equivalent * Test planning, designing, defect tracking and test case/script creation and execution. * Experience with integration & regressions testing and coordination with supporting systems. * Experience with hardware, operating systems, web/application server and relational databases * Experience with structured and object oriented application development and SQL programming * Automated testing tools (Rational Robot, Silktest, WinRunner, etc) * Knowledge of white box API level testing * Knowledge of performance testing of applications using industry standard tools

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PH-TA-Fort Bonifacio: Software Quality Engineer