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US-CA-Goleta: Senior System Engineer in TEST

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Date: 20-Dec-2010

Senior System Engineer in TEST

o Document product requirements

o Develop system design concepts which satisfy the requirements

o Perform the necessary tradeoffs (reliability, cost, schedule, manufacturability, etc.) of various design approaches and select an approach

o Develop system requirements documents

o Decompose the system requirements into hardware, software, optical, and mechanical requirements

o Track and review the detailed hardware, software, optical, and mechanical design to ensure it meets the objective and requirements identified in the system documents.

o Integrate and test product components comprising the system

o Validate the system performance against the system requirements

Analyses and Modeling

o Perform system analysis and modeling to support tradeoff studies as required.

o Develop means (tests) of analyzing system components to objectively quantify performance.

o Determine methods of communicating the analytical results with the rest of the Engineering staff.

o Determine, where appropriate, empirical methods, to validate analytical models. If necessary, update the model assumptions and/or empirical methods to correlate the results.

o Document the results of the analyses in technical reports.

Research and Development

o Research and develop new technology for use in future and existing KSI products.

Project Development Teams

o Contribute design ideas, constraints, trade-offs, and concerns

o Communicate with purchasing and vendors for new processes and capabilities required for new designs.

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US-CA-Goleta: Senior System Engineer in TEST