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US-CA-SantaClara: Software Testing Tools Engineer

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Date: 28-Dec-2010

Software Testing Tools Engineer

- Double Major in Computer Science and Electrical/Computer Engineering or - Major in Electrical/Computer Engineering and minor in Computer Science or - Major in Computer Science with significant elective courses in EE/CprE Ability to maintain and develop software (with GUI applications) for semiconductor/EDA applications using high-level and scripting languages such as C/C++, Java, Tcl/Tk, Perl/Tk, Python, XML, etc.. Knowledge of Verilog and SPICE and exposure to ASIC design and EDA tools are highly desirable. Software engineering principles. Structured and object-oriented methodologies. UNIX OS: Solaris and Linux RedHat, automation skills. Version control tools. Batch queuing systems such as LSF. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Description: Work in a highly dynamic ASIC design R&D environment. Maintain existing perl and tcl scripts. Develop design tools (with GUI) - standalone or integrated with commercial EDA tools. Help with setup and testing of multi-core EDA tools

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US-CA-SantaClara: Software Testing Tools Engineer