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US-FL: LabView Test Engineer

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Date: 30-Dec-2010

LabView Test Engineer

* Design, development, debugging, and verification of test fixtures as demanded by the specific board in order to integrate into the automated environment.

* Validation of the test procedures in interaction with the Contract Manufacturer currently used for the particular board.

* Troubleshoot and resolve complex software/hardware problems associated with the test challenges imposed by the particular board.

* Write comprehensive engineering and test documentation.

* Education: Bachelor or Master in Electronic Engineering or equivalent.

* 3+ years of traceable proficiency in LabVIEW programming or demonstrated comparable test experience.

* Demonstrated experience in the elaboration of functional testing procedures for medium/high complexity electronic boards.

* Ability to conceive, design, implement and document complex test fixtures systems.

* Knowledge of LabVIEW VI drivers, construction and use.

* Demonstrable proficiency in the use of ORCAD schematics and layout tools.

* Knowledgeable in use of test methodologies for digital, analog and power-related boards.

* Knowledgeable in use of hardware debugging tools including using logic-analyzers and oscilloscopes.

* Team-oriented and capable to work in a multi-disciplinary creative environment

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US-FL: LabView Test Engineer