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US-CA: Lead Quality Assurance Engineer

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Date: 06-Jan-2011

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer

* Lead design and implementation of QA processes * Work with teams to develop test requirements * Create automated test suites * Asses testing resource needs. Provide or collect estimates of testing efforts. * Work with engineering management to help prioritize technical issues. * Create and execute test plans * Write clear bugs and be able to explain issues in review meetings and with engineering. Coordinate with engineering to schedule bug reviews at least weekly, and during late beta/RC, once per day. * Provide and collect updates on test progress, and send to engineering, QA, and project management. Include any areas of concern, including testing areas blocked. * Accurately execute test cases with a very high attention to detail * Learn to be a “power user” of all of our testing tools including bug tracking databases, test case authoring tools as well as internally developed testing tools * Resolve any uncertainty with original test case intention if you are unsure about the expected behavior and/or test environment * Creatively use the test cases to launch your own ad-hoc testing and document your steps * Understand the functionality being tested and logically test similar areas around the specified behavior * Provide complete and accurate test reports of all passing, failing, blocking and not applicable test results, including detailed comments and suggestions for improvement of the test cases * Author detailed and complete defect reports and responsibly verify the fixes being careful to test all additional related functionality * Setup and maintain controlled testing environments * Be proactive in learning to use all Sonic / Roxio products, not just the ones developed and tested locally * Be proactive in learning about industry related technologies and end-user scenarios. * Complete test matrices and assigned defects in a timely manner.

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US-CA: Lead Quality Assurance Engineer