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US: QA Software Test Engineer

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Date: 17-Jan-2011

QA / Software Test Engineer

* Develop and extend the regression, functional, and performance test plans and automation for our products, in both white box and black box testing * Identify, setup, test, and troubleshoot various permutations of software/hardware/network configurations * Develop tools, scripts, and programs to implement test automation * Research and recommend toward the selection of multiple state-of-the-art testing tools to extend our test beds to deliver top quality products * Execute process/systems for quick identification, logging and tracking bugs and performance issues


* Strong experience with Windows/Linux automation, including C, SSH, Python, and PERL * Experience configuring/managing/automating common network services and applications such as web, ftp, and database servers and clients * Familiarity with Unix and Windows system administration * Proficient written communication and documentation skills * Experience with TCP/IP and networking protocols is desired * Experience with cygwin is preferred * B.S. or M.S. in CS, CE, or EE

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US: QA Software Test Engineer