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US-CA-Burbank: Manager Software QA Engineer

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Date: 20-Jan-2011

Manager Software QA Engineer

* Lead his/her team in the development of test cases and test suites. * Lead his/her team in test execution - manual, automated, unit, regression. * Lead his/her team in the opening and tracking of bugs. * Interface with the development team, when needed, to address questions on bugs. * Interface with third party vendors, when necessary. * Generate periodic status reports. * Develop and track QA scheduling estimates. * Assign roles and duties among his/her team (in consultation with his/her management) to best meet company goals. * Provide day-to-day supervision of his/her team with regard to personnel issue resolution, career development, preparation and delivery of performance evaluations. * Recruit and retain talent. * Evaluate and drive the implementation of new QA tools and processes, where deemed necessary. * Validate and prepare software builds for external delivery, including the preparation of release notes (with assistance from the development team). * Manage and support the systems necessary for his/her team to meet their objectives. Note that it is expected this support will be of benefit to the development team(s) as well.

* Must have 5 years professional software QA experience, including experience in all phases of the software development and QA lifecycles. * Must have at least 2 years experience in software QA management. * Must have experience with software QA test tools, including automated test systems. * Must possess a strong technical background and be able to come up to speed quickly on new technologies. * Must be a self-starter and capable leader, able to identify and initiate process improvements and to maintain strong forward momentum on current initiatives. * Must be flexible, able to identify needs and to quickly apply mid-course corrections, where necessary. * Must possess strong problem solving abilities, good organizational skills, and work well in both team environments and independently. * Must be comfortable working with developing technologies. * Experience with embedded applications is a plus.

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US-CA-Burbank: Manager Software QA Engineer