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US: QA Analyst

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Date: 25-Jan-2011

QA Analyst

Duties and Responsibilities

* To drive the preparation of test plans and test scripts. * To ensure high quality and accuracy is maintained through to software release. * To prepare and maintain test plans. * To scope and deliver automated testing. * To prepare a test plan and test scripts to test each software component and demonstrate the business condition under test and the expected results. * To provide feedback to the development team and ensure the work is carried out in accordance with the schedule and the quality requirements. * To provide estimates and feedback for project scheduling purposes.

Skills / Attributes Required

* Thorough knowledge of structured test methods and processes. * Proven experience of testing complex user interfaces. * Detailed knowledge of both Manual and Automated Testing. * Experience of testing using an automated test tool such as QA Run or Winrunner. * Experience of testing WWW sites and Mobiel applications would be a plus. * A commitment to quality and a thorough approach to work.

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US: QA Analyst