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US-NY-NewYork: QA Engineer

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Date: 07-Mar-2011

QA Engineer

* Discover, define, and track issues across all aspects of our software. * Advocate for resolutions to those issues using any avenue possible. * Investigate hunches, garner new information and reproduce issues to get those bugs fixed. * Participate in all aspects of the process from design to development to production to catch bugs early. * Participate in user testing, performance testing and other non/para-functional testing techniques. * Write automated tests in Perl, Java, Javascript and/or ActionScript as needed. * Help shape a growing quality assurance team.

Some requirements for the position:

* 0-2 years experience testing internet and web applications. Testing education and background preferable. * Strong communication and writing skills. * Knowledge of context-driven testing and other testing methodologies. * Knowledge of bug reporting structure and important information. * Knowledge of testing techniques such as domain testing, exploratory testing, combination testing (all pairs), etc. * Familiarity with consumer operating systems including Linux, Windows and Mac. * Familiarity with consumer browser platforms such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE. * Thorough knowledge of Flash, HTML, Javascript and CSS. * Programming experience in languages like Perl, Java, Javascript and ActionScript 3.0.

* Specific experience with management tools such as Pivotal Tracker or Basecamp. * Specific experience with continuous integration platforms such as Hudson or Cruise Control. * Specific experience with automated testing frameworks such as JUnit or Selenium. * Familiarity with web video streaming and mobile video platforms (e.g., iOS and Android). * Familiarity with online advertising.

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US-NY-NewYork: QA Engineer