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US-Virginia-Dulles: Senior Software QA Engineer

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Date: 17-Mar-2011

Senior Software QA Engineer

·Plan, document and implement SQA activities in compliance with specific customer requirements and our internal policies and procedures.

·Review and approve program specific software documents to ensure consistency, clarity, completeness, compliance to standards, plans and procedures.

·Participate, peer review and provide input to program’s major reviews such as PDR, CDR, TRR, etc.

·Oversee software requirements development, and ensure requirements traceability is performed from system level requirements to detailed requirements, to design, to code, to test, and back, to assure traceability of software requirements and the exclusion of unauthorized functions.

·Review and evaluate software process and products during specific software life-cycle phases such as: planning, requirements analyses, code, design and development, test, operations, and maintenance.

·Participate in code walk-throughs and ensure: adherence to coding standards, process compliance, and action items closure.

·Participate in Peer Reviews. Review process and products for compliance.

·Monitor and ensure V&V and IV&V activities are performed in accordance with pre-defined plans and procedures.

·Review and approved software testing documents, monitor/witness software testing and evaluate product delivery to internal or external customers.

·Participate, monitor and evaluate software change control board meetings (SCCB), track minutes and close software problems as approved by SCCB.

·Develop and maintain SQA metrics and reports as directed by customer requirements or internal process.

·Perform Software Subcontract SQA oversight, evaluate gap analyses, review and approve software deliverables as directed by the Statement of Work and approved program specific plans.

·Oversee software safety and software reliability activities. Perform process and product evaluations to ensure compliance to software safety, software reliability and software risk management standards.

Requirements Preferred Qualifications: Experience in: Minimum of 5 year experience in Software Quality Assurance, CMMI Level 3 or higher; SW Safety Assurance, SW Reliability Assurance, Software IV&V, Software Subcontract Assurance Oversight.

Required Education/Experience: A Bachelors Degree (BA/BS) in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent experience is required. Two years of related experience is required.

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US-Virginia-Dulles: Senior Software QA Engineer