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US-MA: Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

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Date: 29-Mar-2011

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

5+ years experience

Overall responsibilities include:

* Ownership of product modules * Test Strategy development for a complete module or large functional area * Development of quality project plans * Represent QA in cross functional project teams * Mentoring/training new team members


* Participate in cross product review meeting * Product testing and reporting of issues, concerns and results in a timely manner * Escalation of issues when required * Work with distributed team * Work with Customer Support/Customers in troubleshooting issues

Planning and Design:

* Provide metrics for functional areas (before/after testing) * Participate in review of functional areas after delivery * Make recommendations for product/process improvement bases on metrics and team reviews * Identify and understand integration points with other products


* Analyze and report on areas of high risk * Gather and report metrics on functional areas

Other Activities:

* Attend and participate in project team meetings * Estimate QA time/requirements * Training of other team members * Become owner of functional areas of the product * Work within the team to provide support to other QA engineers * Review and participate in product and functional review meetings

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US-MA: Senior Quality Assurance Engineer