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India-Bangalore: QA Engineer

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Date: 08-Apr-2011

QA Engineer

Development and execution of test case covering system and feature functionality on hardware platform including physical and logical test topology development. Test areas include functional tests of basic system functionality; feature set functionality including networking and security protocols, and control/data paths. Validation of performance of various system components and the entire control and data path. Provide troubleshooting support and feedback to development engineers on software functionality. Duties

* Creation of routing features test requirements and plans * Creation and maintenance of test infrastructure. * Execution and maintenance of scripts for test automation. * Execution of manual and automated tests


* 5+ years experience in testing routing protocols OSPF/RIP * Experience in testing IP Forwarding, IP fragmentation * Working experience with CISCO routers * Familiarity with network security protocols such as IPSec (VPN) * Experience with common TCP/IP protocols including but not limited to: IP/UDP/TCP * Experience with VLAN, ACL and QoS is desired * L2 switching, L3 routing * Proficient with Perl, TCL scripting. Experience with Python scripting desired * Strong UNIX/Linux skills * Experience with Ixia/Smartbits/Landslide * Working knowledge of one or more source control systems - CVS

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India-Bangalore: QA Engineer