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INDIA-Bangalore-HCNTY: QA Automation Engineer

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Date: 25-Apr-2011

QA Automation Engineer

The ideal candidate will have experience in creating automated tests for network management and proxy devices and have a good understanding of proxy services, network protocols and diagnostic tools, experience in maintaining a test framework and a strong background with either Perl or Python.

* Experienced in working with both Windows and UNIX/Linux based systems. * Experience testing networking hardware, TCP, UDP, SMTP, ICAP and HTTP protocols * Good troubleshooting skills. Self-motivated and able to balance conflicting workloads. * Knowledge of MySQL databases is a plus. * Familiar with in configuring routers to route statically or dynamically using RIP * Familiar with the Cisco IOS CLI interface· Understand how to simple test networks.

Know how to use common network analysis and test tools such as traceroute, tcpdump, Wireshark, Spirent and Ixia Required Experience

* 2+ Years of test automation experience. 2+ years of experience in Perl development

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INDIA-Bangalore-HCNTY: QA Automation Engineer