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US-NV: Software Test Engineer

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Date: 01-Nov-2011

Software Test Engineer

• Designs and directs electronic engineering and technical personnel in fabrication of testing and test control apparatus and equipment. • Directs and coordinates electronic engineering activities related to development, procurement, installation, and calibration of instruments, equipment, and control devices required to test, telemeter, record, and reduce test data. • Determines conditions under which tests are to be conducted and sequences and phases of test operations. • Directs and exercises control over operational, functional, and performance phases of tests. • Confers with engineering, and technical personnel to resolve testing problems such as product or system malfunctions, incomplete test data and data interpretation. • Maintains accurate test records, analyzing and interpreting test data and preparing technical reports for use by R&D engineering and management personnel. • Develops or uses computer software and hardware to conduct tests on electronic products and systems. • Reports any discrepancies, changes or recommendations, and/or problems for resolution to senior management. • Complies with the company’s regulatory guidelines and corporate policies at all times. • Maintains confidentiality regarding the company, products and employee information. Qualifications: Associate's degree in Applied Science or higher degree, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Two to four years of related experience and/or training

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US-NV: Software Test Engineer