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Date: 07-Nov-2011


1. Determines test objectives and standards of moderate scope and complexity by studying product characteristics, customer requirements, government regulations, and conferring with management, system engineering, and design/project engineers.

2. Meets test objectives by determining testing methods, phases, and conditions; selecting or fabricating testing equipment and apparatus. Ensures customer test criteria is correctly interpreted and applied by writing development and qualification test procedures, and preparing technical reports and data sheets.

3. Conducts appropriate performance, life tests, environmental, structural, and operational tests to validate product performance to customer design specifications.

4. Interprets and analyzes test results for accuracy and precision. Investigates and resolves testing problems (e.g. test equipment or process) and may modify test procedures or recommend new testing methods. Confers with management, Test Technicians, Project Engineers and/or Customer Engineers on revisions to test objectives, methods, and standards.

5. Assures test readiness and customer satisfaction by reviewing and signing-off test fixture drawings, ordering special test equipment, and coordinating existing in-house test equipment. Applies existing techniques and proposes modifications to improve efficiency. Interfaces with outside test lab facilities to provide technical support for tests in progress, test rescheduling, test coordination, test failures, and test reports.

6. Reports moderately complex test results by collecting, analyzing, interpreting, summarizing, and displaying data, and recommending test changes when required. Conducts statistical analysis of test results and process anomalies; writes documentation for procedures and technical reports. Provides test status and milestone charts to development teams and customers.

7. Assists in identifying design problems during the development and qualification of new products. Devises tests to establish the root cause of problems; participates in design reviews; and analyzes and evaluates test data and characterizes product performance.

8. Maintains and administers a test information database to ensure efficient storage and retrieval of relevant data. May develop information requirements and design criteria for information systems (e.g. searchable electronic database of all test data).

9. Recommends changes to refine and enhance products and processes by applying continuous improvement and lean manufacturing/production principles and techniques.

10. Plans and completes tests by training and directing technicians. Provides test area with parameters and specific tests to be performed. Maintains safe test environment by enforcing and complying with procedures, rules, regulations, and industry standards.

Bachelors degree (BS) in engineering

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