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US-WA-Seattle: Software Test Developer

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Date: 15-Nov-2011

Software Test Developer

* a successful QA engineer should also be able to take a very detailed bug report and be able to spot wider-reaching, systemic problems that may be the source of the specific problem.

* you will be responsible for creating a test plan and executing it for each major revision. Your tests should be designed to cover expected user interactions (happy path), corner cases (over-populated form fields, unexpected / problem-prone character handling, etc) and stress / load handling.

* Generally requires a B.S. degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics * Comfortable working within a Microsoft Windows desktop environment * Familiarity with the basics of web & internet architecture * Self-starter attitude * Bias towards automating repetitive, time-consuming manual tasks * Background in software / website development * Coding experience with Microsoft.Net (C#) * 1+ year experience with FogCreek's bug tracking software FogBugz * Experience with automated website testing software (Selenium, TestComplete, etc)

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US-WA-Seattle: Software Test Developer