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US-WA-Seattle: QA Engineer

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Date: 16-Dec-2011

QA Engineer * Testing websites: Create test plans and execute them for all web features to check browser compatibility, usability, performance, and adherence to the specifications for the project. Testing will be done in all supported web browsers. Testing software may or may not be used depending on the needs of Development. This work will be performed as needed, depending on production schedules. * Testing internal applications: Create test plans and execute them for all internal applications to determine, usability, performance, and accuracy. Testing software may or may not be used depending on the needs of Development. Requires basic knowledge of T-SQL, C#, and a scripting language. * Maintenance and Bug fixing of existing features: Regularly check the functionality of existing features on all websites, checking for UI or functionality problems. Attempt to fix bugs, and report any unfixed bugs to Development. Requires knowledge of VBScript, JavaScript, C#, ASP and ASP.NET. * Specification Compliance checking: Compare requirement documents and mockups to web pages completed by Development to assure that the product complies with the specifications of the project. Coordinate with involved parties to assure that the spec and the product are in sync. * Coordinating with Customer Support: Assist Customer Service as needed for any user-reported issues. Create diagnostic web pages for user troubleshooting where appropriate. Requires knowledge of various browser settings, light web programming work.

* Microsoft Visual Studio Team System: Practical experience with Team Foundation Server Source Control, branching, merging patterns and practices. Build engineering and management. Automation using Team Test. * Release Management: Ability to support the team to move from test to staging and production environments.

* 2- 4 years experience in a QA and Web Development, or a degree in Computer Science * Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, VBScript, JavaScript, C#, ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Visio. Excellent communication skills. US.

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US-WA-Seattle: QA Engineer