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US-NorthDakota-Fargo: Test Design Engineer

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Date: 27-Dec-2011

Test Design Engineer

* Perform requirements capture, analysis, hardware/ software design, integration and verification. It requires innovative system architectural development, sophisticated HW/SW design and analysis, advanced coding, schematic development, and highly complex troubleshooting of functional test systems. * Be required to operate in a team environment, providing guidance to design solutions and actively participating in design reviews. * Review documentation produced during the Product Development Lifecycle that is generated by other engineering groups and verifies this documentation is sufficient for product design. Generate support documents as needed. * Create and review innovative HW/SW testing architectures and designs for challenging problems without need for peer guidance or supervision. This includes breaking the original requirements down into the proper high level and mid range architecture and then creating detailed design notes from the results. * Implement code using advanced usage of Labview development practices and tools. Solve most tool suite set up problems. Solve integration issues that involve multiple code modules, code bases, and/or multiple developers. Critically review others' code. * Perform detailed unit, integration, and systems verification and validation testing using HW/SW tools. Review others testing and suggest additional test cases.

* 1 + years of experience in software development (C, C++, XML, etc.) * 2+ years of experience in LabView or other National Instruments programming languages. * 2 + years experience with basic controls, and Data Acquisition systems (DAQ). * Technical experience using and understanding schematics and HW analysis software (Pspice, MathCAD). * Experience with development and debugging tools (oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, multi-meters, etc.). * Experience in statistical analysis (SPC, GR&R, Monte Carlo, etc.). * Experience with basic electronics HW and systems (i.e. Op Amp, FET's, Transistors, A/D converters, serial and parallel interfaces, etc.). * Understanding of product development phases. * Electronics testing experience.

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US-NorthDakota-Fargo: Test Design Engineer