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US-CA-Foster: Software Test Engineer

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Date: 05-Jul-2012

Software Test Engineer

- Required Scientific evaluation and validation of algorithms for genomic data and running simulated and real time data on instrument platform. - They will be responsible for a range of data handling tasks such as creating and maintaining analysis pipelines and quality checking the results, parsing and formatting data from various sources, converting data formats, ensuring scalability of pipelines on large data sets in a distributed computing environment, using NCBI and other inhouse and online bioinformatics databanks. - Should have experience in high-end computational technologies, Design and Develop Validation Tools embodying novel algorithms and analytical techniques and apply existing tools to acheive new insights into molecular biology

-Degree Requirements: B.S, M. S in Biology, Bioinformatics, Computer Science or related field; -Platforms: Experience with Win XP, Vista, UNIX or a UNIX-like platform (Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris) -Bioinformatics Programs: Experience with multiple common bioinformatics programs such as BLAST, phred, phrap, consed, genscan. Experience with complex instrumentation and statistical data analysis for genomics applications for high throughput DNA sequencing and expression profiling technologies. Experience in development of validation test plans, plan execution and report generation. -Programming Languages: Strong proficiency in Matlab, Perl, Python, VB SCript, Statistical tools (R, SAS), Experience with C, C++, or Java is desirable. -Biological Knowledge: Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Genomics, Molecular Biology

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US-CA-Foster: Software Test Engineer