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US-TX: Quality Assurance Team Lead

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Date: 17-Aug-2012

Quality Assurance Team Lead

* Executing test plans for functionality and usability of sour software throughout the development life cycle. * Assists in identifying, analyzing and documenting defects, in software program functions, output, online screens and content. * Thoroughly document the outcome of all testing activity and provide feedback on functionality. * Verify that issues and defects are properly corrected. * Track testing execution. * Preparing test strategies, test plans and other testing documentation. * Planning , scheduling, and tracking testing projects. * Mentor and supervise a team

# Knowledge of Windows, Mac, Linux # Understanding of development languages C++, Flash, Java, PHP # Knowledge of Mobile OS Platforms, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android # Experience testing websites and web based applications # Highly organized, focused and detail oriented # Knowledge of Firebug # Ability to problem solve and be resourceful # Must be organized, meticulous and trustworthy

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US-TX: Quality Assurance Team Lead