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US-MA-Boston: Agile Tester-Developer

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Date: 27-Nov-2012

Agile Tester-Developer

* Educating, coaching and mentoring other team members on “defect prevention” rather than just “defect detection” agile testing practices and tools. * Understand the Quality Standards and support Gale’s adoption of Agile through assimilation of QA practices in the development of low-to-no defect products o Collaborate with the agile teams to understand requirements and plan testing efforts to complement and facilitate effective execution of development projects. o Considering a fluid agile environment, business and technical requirements, risk and schedule needs, provide QA level of effort estimates for larger development projects. o As an integral agile team member, collaborate with developers to develop test plans, automated and manual tests, test code, test scripts and review and improve test plans and code design * Understand user behavior and ensure product usability as guided through Gale’s usability standards * Ensure product accessibility as guided through Gale’s accessibility standards * Helping to steer a team of agile testers, developers and business users toward collaborative, comprehensive testing that results in the highest quality software. * Working with and coaching developers to more easily create automated GUI and integration tests. * Coordinate all aspects of QA and testing for larger projects o Appropriate to each project, develop and execute test strategy, test plans, test cases, acceptance testing and test scripts o Create automation scripts for all aspects of functional testing using Cucumber, FitNesse and/or TestNG and Selenium and other QA tools as required o Be flexible and creative in handling multiple activities and contentions in priorities. * Helping foster an environment where automated GUI and integration tests complement developer unit testing in ensuring the quality of large scale solutions * Collaboration with developers in creating testable "Definition of Done" acceptance criteria for all phases of development * Designing test plans collaboratively with developers and business users early on in the iteration so as to guide development * Designing tests that clearly convey the business rules and code they are checking (i.e., Storytests or Automated Acceptance Tests), so that both business users and developers can understand their intentions. * Continuously asking questions of both developers and business users to ensure the test suite is comprehensive. * Performing manual exploratory testing of new and existing features * Developing, creating, and executing performance test plans and test cases which reflect expected usage. o Mining usage logs and creating scripts that reflect true customer usage of our systems. * Manage defect tracking and defect maintenance and perform defect root cause analysis * Coordinate with Customer Support Center. * Embrace continuous process and practice improvement o Researching New Tools and Superior Practices and suggesting new tools and processes for the agile team

* Thorough understanding of the software development process and all aspects of Agile Quality Assurance. * A 4 year degree in Computer Science or related field; or equivalent combination of education and relevant work experience * Pay great attention to detail * Experience writing tests in Java, JUnit, in an IDE like Eclipse (or similar unit testing experience. in a different language/IDE) o Solid OO programming and design skills o An understanding of the principles in creating easily modifiable and extensible automated test suites * Experience using test automation frameworks ie: Cucumber, FitNesse, TestNG, and Selenium * The courage to drive exploratory testing to find better ways to produce high-quality software

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US-MA-Boston: Agile Tester-Developer