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US: Software Quality Assurance Analysts

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Date: 04-Dec-2012

Software Quality Assurance Analysts

* Contribute to test planning, scheduling, and managing test resources * Define test cases and create integration and system test scripts and configuration test questionnaires from requirement documents and development tickets * Create configuration documentation concurrent with each software release * Execute functional tests and author significant revisions to test materials as necessary through the development phases * Maintains defect report and update reports following regression testing * Understand the functional design of software products / suites being tested and their underlying technologies to facilitate authoring tests, diagnosing system issues, and ensuring that tests accurately address required business functionality. Clarifies ambiguous areas with technical teams * Apply basic industry and functional area knowledge related to the software product being tested to determine whether system components meet specifications * Develops specified testing deliverables over the lifecycle of the project * Interpret development specifications to maintain revision notes after each deployment * 1+ years of software QA experience * Strong organizational skills * Strong commitment to customer satisfaction and quality * General web & technical skills * Excellent communication skills

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US: Software Quality Assurance Analysts