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US: Quality Test Engineer

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Date: 21-Dec-2012

Quality Test Engineer

•Responsible for bringing up a system-level test platform, test automation and execution. •Play an integral part in the product development phase by generating quality test procedures – which involves performing special tests to model or simulate a portion, or the entirety, of a product in its final configuration, depending on the discretion of the Quality Test Engineering principles. •Responsible for the quality verification process, which is intended to check that the product and the system (in which it is configured to operate) meets a set of initial design requirements, specifications, and complies with regulatory requirements. •Responsible for additional product testing, including hardware and firmware, as required for quality validation & verification. •Develop verification test procedures that will regularly repeat tests devised specifically to ensure the product meets the initial design requirements, specifications, and applicable regulations. •Act as a liaison between Hardware/Firmware/System Test Laboratory and Production to ensure that a smooth transition of all requirements for testing can be replicated in production to meet specific parameters.

•Participate in the product Phase Gate process to address hardware, firmware and system testing challenges based on experience and Lessons Learned from previous designs and products. •Develop end-to-end quality-level test procedures to verify and validate product functionality based on design specifications and requirements. •Generate, implement, and maintain creative and effective test methodologies through all levels of a product test process for either high-volume/low-mix or low-volume/high-mix products. •Write test plans based on product specification, and execute testing on the product or system level, including customer. •Perform failure analysis at system level to debug an issue and recommend solutions with corrective action to hardware/firmware engineering, as required. •Generate test reports and, based on results, work with stakeholders on issues requiring changes to improve the Quality of the product.

Work cross-functionally to address system-level issues as they apply to product functionality in various operating conditions and environments. •Participate in the Engineering Change process, reviewing Engineering Changes through the Engineering Change Notice and Implementation process. •Document generic Test Plans, Quality system procedures, Work Instructions, and Records/Reports according to quality and test management requirements.

•Bachelor of Science Degree in Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or other related engineering

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US: Quality Test Engineer