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US: QA Manager

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Date: 28-Dec-2012

QA Manager

Position Description

QA manager is team lead for the QA department within Engineering and reports to the Director Engineering. The QA manager role is a line organization role and leads the team of QA engineers and the Autotest Manager; this means that the QA manager is the resource owner of the QA team. It is the Quality Assurance Manager that has the overall view of all running R&D projects requiring test resources. It is the QA manager that has the overall responsibility for the QA activities within Engineering,

Activities Head and lead the QA department. Report to Director Engineering. Coaching the QA groups. Ensure project staffing requirement for test. Long-term product overview from a testing point of view. Planning hardware and software needs for the QA group and the test activities. Employment issues and salary discussions for the QA team. Setting Goals and managing Performance reviews with the QA team. Spreading of information to the QA team. Make sure that sufficient test methods are used when testing the software. Answer for test in internal Open Text forums. Provide guidelines for software testing.

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US: QA Manager