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US: Software QA Analyst/Teste

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Date: 08-Feb-2013

Software QA Analyst/Teste

* Ensure that clear specifications and a description of functionality from a user perspective are provided for all projects. * Receive, review, and understand the specifications as well as functionality description from a user perspective. * Ensure that hardware, software and other environment setup is in place and working prior to the start of testing. * All high level test scenarios need to be reviewed by the Senior QA Analyst and then presented to the Scrum Master for sign-off before test begins. * Provide estimates of testing effort during the sprint planning meetings to ensure sufficient time to test.

* Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field required * Understanding and knowledge of quality assurance procedure and methods used in software testing required * Knowledge and understanding of Sprint/Scrum process preferred * Proven problem solving skills including root cause determination preferred * Basic knowledge of SQL, database concepts and client server technology preferred

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US: Software QA Analyst/Teste