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US: Advanced Quality Engineer

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Date: 01-Apr-2013

Advanced Quality Engineer

* Develops a program specific quality plan on each new program. * Develops PDP (Quality) deliverables as associated with the PDP process. * Reports all Advance Quality Planning activities to customer periodically through APQP meetings. * Analyzes product quality problems and proposes solutions. * Develops and maintains statistics (X-Bar & R, Sigma, Pp/Ppk, Cp/Cpk, Gage R&R, etc) on all significant part and process characteristics. * Provides quality requirements for seat complete system. * Develops prototype control plan; collects and analyzes pilot build data. * Prepares pre-production sample report, submits to customer upon request. * Provides quality/warranty concerns to team by reviewing lessons learned, warranty performance, and ensures additions to the DFMEA. * Conducts surrogate process capability studies to support product dimensional capability. * Supports JIT plant by facilitating DFA and PFMEA development. * Supports JIT plant by assisting or facilitating PSO and PPAP activities (including PPAP to PCN changes after launch). * Keeps good quality plan records and informs program team of timely execution. * Use e-business tool to communicate with program team and customer, and assure APQP/PDP compliance. * Coordinates APQP/PDP activities with Engineering, Manufacturing, Craftsmanship, SQA group, and the customer where appropriate. * Authorities as detailed in Standard Operating Procedure 8000.

Bachelor degree (or Bachelorís equivalency) in Engineering, Quality or related field; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Experience/Special Knowledge/Skills

Minimum of 3 years of diversified engineering and/or quality experience with increasing responsibility.

Knowledge of statistics and production quality systems.

Strong communication skills: verbal, written and technical presentations.

Strong organizational skills and the ability to successfully complete multiple tasks within established and changing deadlines.

Demonstrated successful performance with independent problem solving and presentations.

Proficient with word processing, spreadsheet and database applications.

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US: Advanced Quality Engineer