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US-CA-Sunnyvale: Senior Test Engineer

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Date: 22-Apr-2013

Senior Test Engineer

* Requires detailed understanding of IP routing, switching and services such as CGNAT,IPSec. * Requires testing and troubleshooting skills with networking hardware and software as well as debugging scripts and programs. Hands on experience isolating faults from expected behavior on hardware and software products is a plus. * Requires strong programming skills in Perl,TCL in UNIX environment. Experience with programming algorithms, regular expressions and pattern matching as well as XML and advance scripting techniques is a plus. Experience with various flavors of UNIX at user or administrator level is a plus. * Need to understand the market requirements for a particular feature/product. * Understand the design and functionality , customer deployment of the feature/functionality/product and scope the project. * Come up with the resource requirements to execute the project. * 7 to 10 years experience required

* Create testcases based on the market requirement,customer usecases and functional specification. * Setup new test equipment, test topologies in the lab. Work with third party gear, different router vendors if needed to help test various implementations. * Execute the testplan as per the project schedule.

* Work with development to isolate real bugs from false failures and file bug reports, reproduce bugs, verify fixes. Provide meaningful release-notes for documentation. * Automate the testcases and handoff reliable ,robust scripts to the regression team.

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US-CA-Sunnyvale: Senior Test Engineer