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US-NorthAustin: Entry-level Software Tester

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Date: 26-Apr-2013

Entry-level Software Tester (QA)

* Review product requirements and documents and create test cases to ensure code generated by the engineering team conforms to the specified requirements. * Perform and design testing protocols to ensure that the product is fully tested. * Perform system test and integration testing on the product. * Work with various teams in the organization to ensure appropriate project requirements are met. * Participate in a Quality Assurance team that is responsible for ensuring all quality standards for the product are met. * With experience, candidate will be expected to research automate the testing process by using test harnesses and automated test tools. * Ability to carry out all policies and procedures as established by the team, department or company at large.

* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Math or Physics majors or graduation from Technical School. * Good communication and interpersonal skills. * Self-reliant and motivated self-starter. * Project and task oriented with a focus on details. * Ability to work well within group or individually on projects. * Software programming course work or on the job work experience. * Successful completion of projects where programming languages are put to use to solve problems

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US-NorthAustin: Entry-level Software Tester