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US-PA-Malvern: Software Test Engineer

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Date: 30-May-2013

Software Test Engineer

The Test Engineer is responsible for the design, creation, and/or execution of test procedures in accordance with the Verification and Validation Plan. This includes analyzing requirements, hazards mitigations, user stories, and existing test procedures for the purpose of updating and developing appropriate test procedures and identifying appropriate test data to be used during the verification and validation activities. The test engineer will be responsible for identifying the required tests and monitoring test coverage. Responsible for specifying the required test data. This includes gathering and managing the test data. Provide input in developing quality assurance standards Provide regular status of testing results and test design completion status Produce periodic metrics and operational reports Management and ownership of OPENLink test suite Interface with project development members to assist with solving quality risks Design and execute test automation strategy with the goal of reducing the amount of time and resources required for testing while improving quality of software

Form strong relationship with Product Manager and Analyst to provide any learnings from testing into the planning for product roadmap and future projects Optionally, server as OPENLink Test Module Lead

Good analytical skills Attention to detail, tenacity, and good organization skills Understanding of common software failures and faults Experience in a variety of testing efforts Proficient at use of Quality Center, ClearCase, ADC, e-Sig, Excel, Word, PowerPoint

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US-PA-Malvern: Software Test Engineer